Víctor Nivelo, United Project Global

Gonzalo Escobar V./ EE.UU


Recently, I met Mr. Víctor Nivelo, president of United Project Global (UPG), an initiative he has to promote businesses, joint ventures and investments, starting with the Latino community in the Tri-State area where he resides. He first invited me to a morning meeting that gathered professionals of different fields, to gauge their expertise in different sectors and expose what his venture entails; an event that took place late June, in a conference room of the Bergen Community College.

Next we met was in a hall at said college, with a larger crowd, all of them with a level of expertise and success in diverse industries, such as food safety, real estate investment, legal and financial advisers, project managers and communicators, as well as business owners. The event was broadcasted to a big audience world-wide, given he has ties in different countries due to his private work as franchise owner and real estate investor; a diverse business-man himself. Many of the participants had a brief exposition to make, to present one another and see how they could connect their enterprises.

This is what UPG is all about: uniting people for business projects on a global scale. Bringing materials from Asia and produce from South America, developing the U.S. housing market and local, day-to-day businesses like restaurants, beauty parlors, gas stations, and more. Víctor and UPG have opened up the opportunity for people to invest their money in a brand of market they’re interested, offering a wide range of options, as well as financial return based on their desired quantity of financial commitment; that is: how much money they want to put means how much they’ll get in return. Whether small or large sums, it all sums up to raise a fund, designed to open up shop and grow, while returning some passive income to the participants.

Constantly growing, acquiring locales and developing enterprises; plenty of new connections and opportunities come UPG’s way naturally. The latest, given a commerce convention celebrated in the coast of Ecuador, and the booming market and interest of Ecuadorian coffee, Víctor and his team prepare to take on the challenge of organizing a Taza Dorada (Golden Cup) in New Jersey, before the summer’s end; what this means exactly is a coffee fair, to bring brands and varieties to be tasted and promoted to an international audience. Given the high quality that Ecuadorian soil and climate provides, a potentially highly demanded new product that has just recently begun to develop sits waiting.

The Taza Dorada is celebrated in South America, mostly, and attracts buyers from Europe, Japan and certain parts of Asia; if it were to be properly organized and executed in the New York area, no doubt it would highly propel brands yet to be recognized in a wider market, and a generation more familiar to the coffee culture; a very elastic and demanded product. A challenge, but the kind of challenge that Víctor’s UPG exists for.