The Puerto López Convention

Gonzalo Escobar V./ EE.UU

On the Pacific coast of Ecuador, in the Paradise Hotel of the paradisiac little town of Puerto López, a gathering of entrepreneurs and investors was celebrated on the 16th and 17th of July. The occasion of the Paradise owner’s birthday, Welinton Pérez, was purposed to showcase an array of products, services and brands in an event filled with entertainment and cuisine typical of the place; much of it broadcasted on the web.

Among the attendees were fashion designers, business owners and investors from abroad, mainly the U.S., such as Welinton himself, proprietor of Geovanny’s Auto Accessories and Repair back in Brooklyn and president of the ILACC (Integrated LatinAmerican Chamber of Commerce of New York); as well as Napoleon Barragan, renowned for 1800-Mattress; investor Victor Nivelo of UPG (United Project Global) and the New Jersey Chamber; Sylvia Mata of LULAC; Maria Eugenia Marin of MEM Foreign Services; and Dr. Arcos, president of over 300 couriers and owner of 30.

From Ecuador, Xavier Hervas of Nova Alimentos, the biggest broccoli exporter of the nation and other agro-industrial and machinery enterprises; Agr. Eng. Mauro Erazo, president of the Agricultural Forum; Leonardo Escobar ex-minister of Agriculture; Jorge Delgado and Humberto Heredia and many representatives of the Coffee industry, as well as banana, shrimp and cacao, iconic export products of Ecuador.

Broadcasted through different channels, the Puerto López Convention was a success hit, uniting beyond expectation a quite big and diverse group of people to talk business, expose their plans and ideas, while enjoying the sights and the taste of a remote and rare natural beauty on the Pacific coast, where the migration of humpback whales can be seen as they sing out in the ocean.